Beets (Beta Vulgaris)

Next time you buy some beets at the store, don't sniff at spending a little extra for the local kind. You are actually getting quite a deal. It was said by the Oracle of Delphi of Ancient Rome that beets are "worth their weight in silver." Beets were offered to the god Apollo and goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite ate beets to help retain and enhance her beauty.

Beets come from seabeets, a coastal plant, eaten for the greens. Beet greens are one of the oldest known crops for human consumption. In an Assyrian text (800BC) it was said that beets were grown in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Although is was not until the ancient Romans, who adored beetroot, that people began to frequently eat the root rather than the greens. 

Often times you can gain insight and significance about a plant, herb, or vegetable by looking at it. The deep, rich, red/purple color of the beet symbolizes the heart, blood, and love. It is no surprise that beets are an aphrodisiac! Not only do they spread the love, but they also create a feeling of relaxation and well being. No wonder the Romans offered their goddess of love and beauty a beet, Aphrodite should expect no less. The science behind this is beetroot is rich in boron. Boron is a mineral that is essential in the production of human sex hormones! Folk magic references that if two people eat from the same beetroot, they will fall in love. (I wish I would have know this one time when I had 4 guy friends (and my boyfriend) over for dinner... I served them all chocolate beetroot cake. Chocolate AND beets! Double whammy there.) 

If you aren't impressed yet then maybe space will convince you! Apollo 18 astronauts were served borst ( a russian beetroot soup) when welcomed by the USSR soyuz. So basically, the US and Russia ended the space race over a bowl of beets... in zero gravity. 

Beets are love and if you want a good fiction pumped full of beet references. Check out Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins - one of my favorite authors. 

What does my body get for eating all this pink stuff?



Asthma - helps symptoms

Blood cleanser

Blood Pressure - helps balance

Cardiovascular health

Cataracts & Macular degeneration reduction

Depression - helps increase mood

Eye health

Plus a whole load of vitamins and minerals.

Be a goddess - eat your beets. For recipes click here.

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